Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Delhi Lawyers caught between Bharat and India

It is a rather sad situation that lawyers have to demand to allow court workings in an Indian language instead of English. Read below:

India lawyers want to speak Hindi

Lawyers in India's capital, New Delhi, are arguing for the use of Hindi to be allowed in the city's High Court.

Currently, English is the only official language for the proceedings of Delhi's High Court.

Protesters say the practice is nothing but a colonial practice from the era of British rule and must now be abolished.

A group of lawyers has collected thousands of signatures in support of their campaign to argue their cases in the national language, Hindi.

The lawyers are filing a petition to the chief justice of the Delhi High Court to press their demand.

They say a majority of lawyers, who come from states such as Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh are not very articulate in English.

Besides, they argue, a majority of their clients also understand only Hindi.

As rightly pointed out, what kind of justice can lawyers' clients get if they don't understand language being used by the courts? They will be left at the mercy of courts and lawyers

But some people argue that English is an important link language among non-Hindi speakers and its continued usage in courts is fully justified.

But there is no demand to remove English as yet. If Indian language speakers have to depend on translations, why the same cannot be expected of English speakers?

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