Thursday, March 25, 2010

Indian illegal bail industry could be 4300 – 8600 Cr

NCRB Crime Data for 2008 are published. They have not put the link in the main page (it still shows 2007).

However, this is the direct link for 2008 data.

All the Tables are in the following file.

Page 363:
Number of Males and Females arrested in IPC Crimes
27,13,971 male 1,68,315 female

Number of Males and Females arrested in SLL Crimes
40,96,743 male 1,59,245 female
Total Number of Males and Females arrested in Both Crimes

6810714 male 327560 female
Grand Total of all People Arrested: 71,38,274

Now out of these arrests around 60% are unnecessary or unjustified, according to police commission report.

If an arrest is made, the arrested person has to arrange bail to get out of judicial custody.  So if 60% of these arrests are unnecessary or unjustified, the number of such arrests comes to be 42,82,964, i.e. around 43 lakh unjustified arrests.  Assuming a conservative amount of Rs 10,000 – 20,000 needed to pay a lawyer, bribes etc to secure a bail, the total amount ranges from 4,282 Cr to 8565 Cr which lubricates, or better word is flood, this illegal bail industry.

No wonder there is such hue and cry from lawyer groups against all proposed CrPC amendments aimed at stopping unjustified arrests by police, so much so that they have been successful at stopping the notification of Sec 41 in official gazette.

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