Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lawyers’ heads are made of steel!

I could not initially believe this news, but I read it in Deccan Herald also, so it must be true.

The Federation of Bar Association (FOBA) has submitted a memorandum to CM B S Yeddyurappa asking him to spare lawyers from wearing helmets during summer. FOBA president K S Subba Reddy claims advocates find it very difficult to wear helmets from March to June even though the helmet rule is in the interest of a two-wheeler driver’s safety.

He adds, “It is very difficult, particularly for women advocates who have to compulsorily wear black coat and gown to attend the court. They must drive with the coat and gown, besides wearing the helmet.” Wearing a helmet is excruciating when vehicles are caught in heavy traffic and move very slowly, he added

Ok… so they want exception from helmet rule which is made in interest of safety of public.  Normally one should have the freedom to decide how they run their own lives, but such safety rules are made because there are social costs too if the rate of injuries and deaths are higher.

Will the lawyers waive off their rights to claim accident compensations too in case the injuries and death when not hearing a helmet?

More importantly, if the lawyers are feeling uncomfortable due to heavy coat/gown along with helmet; isn’t it better to jettison that black coat for the 3 summer months?  Whoever devised the rule that lawyers must wear black coats did not take tropical conditions into account.

What is more logical and reasonable: stop wearing black coat, OR stop wearing helmet? I hope some reasonable man stands up and makes a law doing away with need of black coats for lawyers.

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