Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Court asks Kumble’s wife to negotiate with former husband on daughter’s custody

A recent news:

Court asks Kumble’s wife to negotiate with former husband on daughter’s custody

From the news:
At this juncture, Justice Lodha asked Mr. Bhushan: “Has the girl shown any inclination to stay with the father? Why should you disturb? Why should you do something which may harm the child’s interest?”

1. The point which should also be asked is if the child has shown any apathy or aversion to idea of staying with father. In absense of that, it is violation of children's rights to deprive them company and affection of one parent, mostly fathers.

2. Isn't it highly presumptuous that disturbing of status quo in this matter will harm the child's interest. Also given that cases drag for so long in India, is the father to be solely blamed for 'disturbing' a certain status quo?

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  1. Here i would like to highlight daughter, aged 12 yrs was studying in class 8 of reputed school in Noida. On Aug 17th evening after returning frmo i find both mother & daughter nt at home. I being a journo usually return late at about 10 pm at night. The mother has done a 'parental kidnap'despite my earlier cautioning to my spouse that whatever our differnces let the child not suffer in any way. But no ...suddenly frmo Aug 17th the child does not get to see dad...if she askes she is scolded or even beaten, she has left behind all her scrap books, dolls, toys, trinkets, color books, novels et al...all of a sudden she is in a new environmetn ..not going to school.. not meeting her freinds - in school & neighbourhood..she is not allowed to talk on the phone to any body ...HER MOTHER HAS BECOME A TYRANT ..HITLER..SHES BLACKMAILING BOTH HER SPOUSE AND THE CHILD....AND THEN SHE WANTS TO BE CALLED A VICTIM !!!