Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Why CrPC 2008 Amendment Act is not in force yet?

With help, I was able to find the technical reasons about how the CrPC 2008 Amendments Act is still not in force.


From above the reasons for delay can be:

This device is resorted to when postponement of the commencement of an Act is necessitated by reason of appointments to be made under the Act, or rules to be framed thereunder and other preliminary arrangements to be carried out for the proper and effective functioning of the Act, or by reason of any change being made by the Act in status or rights the effect of which it is desirable to delay, or by reason of new conditions being imposed on a sectionof the public which makes it desirable, that they should have time to adjust themselves to the new law.

The point to see is that the government has delayed by 6 months already the executive notification of the CrPC amendment act. Is it because of any of above reasons? Is there no reason at all? Isn't it otherwise a waste of precious tax money on legislators spending time to pass a law and then not notify it for execution?

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  1. Goverment work on vote bank politics, not for common people's interst. There is huge money earning busisness for laywers, police and judicery staff for AB is going to reduced, so they make politics and goverment unable to come out form thier vote bank politics. So, indian husabnds have to make a vote bank and wake up and through out such goverment , who does not care for common people.