Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Justice Shylendra Kumar's views on contempt of court

Remember Justice Shylendra Kumar of Karnataka High Court? ... the same person who took on CJI Balakrishnan and the old-thinking judges on assets declaration issue! He does not seem to be too enamoured of standards of his own fellow judges.

Justice Shylendra at it again

Excerpts from news and my comments below:

“There is a dogma that one should not question the chief justice’s views. But the judge who has taken the oath to perform his duties should not hesitate to extend his views if he feels something is not right. But how many judges do that?’’ he questioned.

Comments: This is the right attitude which a public also expects from a judge. If a judge cannot stand for his oath and what's right in face of opposition, then who can public put trust in when they approach courts for justice?

Venting his ire
further, he said: “There is another big misconception called the contempt of the court or scandalising the court. How can a court be scandalised? It is an institution. It is only the people inside the court who are scandalised. This contempt of court is now misused to gag people, and journalists who voice their concerns are the main targets.’’

Comments: How rightly said -- "How can a court be scandalized?" Scandals are targeted on persons and not on an institution. So where is the need to protect some judges in the name of institution? Let corrupt judges be swept away and be replaced by honest ones. That alone will give confidence to public and restore the dignity and respect an institution ought to deserve.

Contempt of court has become a hanging sword on any person who wants to express views on the functioning of courts and judges.

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