Thursday, October 22, 2009

Allahabad High Court needs Rs 500 for RTI application!

Following is the link to Allahabad High Court's Rules for RTI.

Of relevance to note are the following rules for giving RTI application in Allahabad high court:

3. Every application shall be made for one particular item of information only.

4. Each application shall be accompanied by a cash or draft or pay order of Rs 500/- drawn in favour of the Registrar General, High Court, Allahabad, or the District Judge of the concerned District Court as the case might be.

5. If the application is permitted, the applicant shall be entitled to information only after he makes payment in cash at the rate of Rs 15/- per page of information to be supplied to him.

Comments: Just read the above again -- RTI application allowed for one particular item only, Rs 500 per application, and Rs 15 per page of information.

And to think that RTI stands for "Right to Information". Surely justice is blind...and it thinks that everyone who files an RTI application is a super-rich Indian citizen.

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