Monday, October 5, 2009

Mini-Mahabharat: Karnataka Judicial association vs Bar council

A mini-Mahabharat is brewing between two communities which are part and parcel of judicial system -- judges and lawyers.

Excerpts from the news with my comments as Comments:

Expressing solidarity with Chief Justice P D Dinakaran, the Karnataka State Judicial Officers Association has termed the recent reports against him an onslaught on the independence of judiciary.

Comments: Hmmm... Karnataka judicial association is taking the same stand as CJI and coterie... say anything which casts an aspersion on judiciary and out comes the mantra of "independence of judiciary". Maybe judges need to wake up and realize that when 15 lakhs of cash bundle is delivered to a HC judge's doorstep, or large amount of land assets in Noida are transferred at dirt cheap rate to a HC judge, when large amounts of lands are found to be as assets of another HC judge; then the issue is not about 'independence of judiciary', but saving citizenry from such 'independent judiciary', which it seems is accountable to no one but its own coterie.

They said media reports on 50 to 60 per cent of judges being corrupt are baseless. "The reports also claimed that delay in disposal of cases is only on account of laxity of the judiciary. Such statements are highly derogatory and members of the association deprecate the same. The judiciary's image is tarnished on account of this," they noted.

Comments: A correction here... judiciary does not have an image anymore. Please conduct a survey of citizens, the to find out what they think of judiciary.

"False allegations are being made against judges at all levels without any basis and the courts are often boycotted. The functioning of the judiciary was interfered with only on the basis of reports appearing in the press without verifying the truth..."

Comments: Now one thing is clear... either the lawyers are complete morons, or have taken this opportunity to take some heat off from their own irresponsible behaviour every now and then. Who of the two is wearing the spotless clothes is difficult to say, so it is easy to figure that both of the two groups have something to hide and are engaging in this 'blame the other group' game to hide their own blemishes.

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