Monday, October 12, 2009

Indian women can have 2 husbands - 1 to slave on, 1 to pay maintenance

A recent news about a woman who has approached court for maintenance from first husband 3 years after divorce, WHILE she is now married to second husband!

The news is really shocking as given below:

The court, after hearing both the parties, pulled up Kirti for creating unnecessary trouble for Mayank, who is now well settled with his second wife and sent the case to mediation centre and asked them to solve the matter expeditiously.

The court also asked Mayank to pay Rs.2,000 per month each to her and their son till the final outcome of the case.

Comments: As per Indian laws and Hindu marriage Act 1956, the woman is not entitled to maintenance from first husband now that she has remarried. So is not this a travesty of written law that you can order for maintenance like ordering a pizza... and it will be delivered to you at your (ex)-husband's expense ... And your current husband is anyway available to provide for your more pressing shopping needs!

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