Friday, January 15, 2010

Fast track justice in 4 or more years, shine India shine

A case of rape and murder of a working woman in Bangalore few years back has been going on in Fast Track court for 4 years now. The case had made much headlines and concerns were raised over safety of working women, especially those who work in night shifts.

Excerpt from news below with emphasis mine:

When TIMES NOW's editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami put forward the question in Newshour, whether judges of the fast track courts should also be questioned on why cases such as Pratibha's were allowed to extend beyond the stipulated time of 6 months, noted lawyer and human rights advocate Soli Sorabjee said one recourse for the affected parties against the "granting of adjournments for the asking" would be to approach a higher court to seek speedy redressal. Union Law Minister Veerappa Moily said: "Even the fast track courts are frustrated with this kind of an attitude. A fast track court meant that a case once taken up for trial should be over within 6 months including judgement. That is what we have proposed in our draft Bill for the Sexual Offences Special Courts Act, the Special Courts Bill 2010.

Comments: You know I have problems with both of the above 2 suggestions.

Regarding Mr Sorabjee's suggestion about approaching higher court in case of adjournments, this is like saying that if the child did not get milk from mother when he cried first time; so he should cry second time, only now with a higher noise! What about the fact that adjournments being granted on flimsy grounds is part and parcel of justice Indian style? Even the recently notified and gazzetted CrPC amendments cleverly did not notify the clause on disallowing adjournments on flimsy grounds! Read here.

Regarding law minister suggestion, I can only say "tussi great ho sir ji! ". If the number of laws were not enough, the remedy for some problem in justice delivery system is to create one more special law for special need to fast-track sexual offences' trial. Just pray if you are a victim of crime in India, it somehow falls under this special act for you to get speedy justice!

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