Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Justice Shylendra Kumar rues about corruption in judiciary

Justice Shylendra Kumar of Karnataka High court takes stock of the situation in country on 26th Jan, Republic Day on his personal blog:


Interestingly, he is of the opinion that both Executive and Judiciary have failed people, but some flashes of hope are seen from Legislature.

Excerpt here:
A vocal and aggressive Executive Government is attempting to regulate and takeover Judiciary even by corrupting the Judiciary. An inept and corrupt Judiciary is playing second fiddle to the Executive. It is only the legislature albeit corrupt, rudderless and inefficient, has nevertheless on an occasion or two, has adhered to its assigned role, has occasionally flashed sparks of brilliance by competent performances, is holding out a ray of hope!

Comments:Let's hope the body and limbs also start to move in coordinated fashion if the brain is doing some things right.


Though all three organs of the State have miserably failed in playing their respective roles, the real hope and strength, is emanating from the goodness of the common man of the country, the right values the common man of the country has, a nascent, intrinsic perception of rights and wrongs, which is imbedded in the psyche of every citizen of this country, that sustains an optimist like me.

Comments: This is the real hope. If we, the people give power to ourselves, and act in a powerful way for benefit of nation, only then we can deserve to live in a just nation.

Further he says...

I am of the opinion that amongst the three organs of the State, Judiciary has to take the major share of the blame, as the Judiciary by not being alright and upright by itself, has failed to check and keep the other two organs of the State in control and in the right mode.

Comments: What is sad is that common person is scared of accessing judiciary, leave alone police. There is a saying that justice should not only be done, but it should also be seen to be done. Maybe it is right time for people in judiciary to rise to the occassion, and give the confidence to Indian public that they will uphold justice in its fullest sense, and not merely go through motions of legal procedures.

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