Thursday, February 18, 2010

Indians wanna be safe? – then become hard targets

Home minister P Chidambaram has conveniently explained away the blasts in Pune saying that the blast was done on a soft target, and hence could not be avoided!

The Pune blast was not the result of any intelligence failure but an 'insidious' planting of a bomb in a 'soft' target establishment, Union Home Minister P Chidambaram said.

So terrorists should inform you in advance and be gentlemanly rather than insidious! India is sometimes said to be soft state, but at this rate we will come to be known as a fool state.

Again he rants about the ‘insidious’ nature of the attack:

"There is no intelligence failure, but please remember this is not an overt attack by gunmen. This is an insidious bomb that had been planted in what appears to be a backpack," the Home Minister said.

Further he explains the government’s definition of hard vs soft targets.

Terming Osho Ashram and the Chabad House as "hard targets", he said, "But apart from hard targets, there are soft targets...All these (the German bakery and an Italian restaurant nearby) are soft targets where foreigners and Indians congregate especially during the peak hours."

Now any Indian who wants to stay alive and safe, should attempt to become into a hard target. Hard targets are ministers, MPs, MLAs who are provided high security cover and do not need to bother about bombs blasting around them while having a cup of tea. Soft targets is everyone else.

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