Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lawyers cannot resolve their matters using law!

This is one of the news 2 weeks ago where bar lawyers in Gulbarga protested in a way only lawyers are known to, against formation of a new association of high court lawyers in Gulbarga bench.  No wonder common public is more scared of dealing with lawyers than even courts!

GULBARGA: The High Court premises turned into an arena of high drama, as lawyers attacked the president of the newly-formed High Court Advocates' Association, and manhandled him.
Members of the Gulbarga Bar Association appeared to resent the new association, and protested in the High Court Circuit Bench premises. They manhandled the president, S V Deshmukh, and forced him to ban the new association.
A group of 20 advocates of the Gulbarga district court -- attached to the Gulbarga Bar Association -- arrived at the High Court Circuit Bench and started shouting slogans against the existence of the new association. Then, they started pushing Deshmukh around the advocates' hall in the HC premises. Later, they locked him into the hall and forced him to dissolve the new association. When he refused, they began threatening him.
Under force, Deshmukh temporarily suspended the association work, and said so to the media. He said he would discuss the issue with the members, and take a decision. Until then, the association stands suspended.

Speaking to The Times of India, Deshmukh later said he did not understand why the lawyers were against the formation of the Advocates' Association, High Court Circuit Bench, Gulbarga. "We have around 100 members in our association and it is registered on January 25. There are associations at the High Court in Bangalore, the Dharwad High Court Circuit Bench and the district court. I don't know why the Bar members are opposed to it," he said.
Gulbarga Bar Association president Shivaputrappa Barode said the association had planned to form the unit in the high court by appointing a president acceptable to the members. "We will not allow them to form another association in Gulbarga. Within a week, we will form a second unit of our association in the High Court."

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