Tuesday, August 18, 2009

CJs want power supply to courts, what says PM now?

The recent news of PM exhorting about need to remove backlog of court cases has got an interesting rejoinder from the justices of courts.

Backlog? First ensure power supply, say CJs

“Do you expect a trial court judge to achieve the case disposal target when he has to sit all day under a fan that stands still and a court room that is packed with litigants creating an unworkable condition? They are not asking for air-conditioners but electricity to make the fan whirl,” said a CJ protesting against perpetual criticism faced by judiciary for the pendency.

This concern found a prominent reflection in the 21-point resolution passed by the chief justices. “The CJs of HCs shall take up the matter with the state governments on the aspect of supply of electricity to subordinate courts during working hours and to impress upon the state governments to ensure that no power cuts be allowed during court working hours and generator sets, as back up supply for electricity, be installed in court complexes, especially in the rural areas having acute power shortage,” the resolution said.

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