Friday, August 28, 2009

How police saves own head

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Our dad is not a murderer

And now the family says the police is pressurising them to withdraw the case because it has become an embarrassment. The District Collector, too, asks them to clear out.

"He said it was illegal to sit here," said Roop Singh, the children's grandfather.

So it looks like the way to get justice in India is to cause embarassment to authorities. But be prepared to be treated like offenders yourselves for asking for justice.

The family said Alka was gangraped three years ago and the accused were never arrested. Broken by the injustice the couple drank poison. Alka died, but Sunil somehow survived and ironically, was later held for planning her murder.

India is a country of ineffective laws and then more laws to cover for previously ineffective laws. It is a clear case that the state and specifically police has led to abement of suicide of this couple one of who actually died. But they are probably trying to hide behind more laws because even attempt to suicide is a crime in India.

You can't live with justice. You are not allowed to die either. Vive la India.

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