Thursday, August 20, 2009

PIL in Gujarat HC on delays in maintenance cases

The judicial system is India is creaking in all places. Read news below about a PIL filed in Gujarat HC.

There is gross delay in granting alimony , PIL tells high court

The counsel further submitted that despite clear-cut provisions in CrPC and positive directions of the high court "it is observed that the victims and the needy people for maintenance are loitering in family courts for many months, and sometime years together, but effective, speedy and actual justice is not delivered to them within the stipulated time-frame of60 days''.

Giving examples, the counsel submitted that whenever the maintenance application is filed before the family court, the first hearing date is fixed after three months and for old pending applications, the hearing is adjourned for two to three months. This is as per the details obtained from the adjournment chart and the board maintained by the court, he submitted.

It is sometimes a wonder whether all those who claim India as largest democracy, largest this and largest that really have any sense of pain about common citizens who are at receiving end of judicial delays?

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